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About Us

PM Process Levels

Using its comprehensive Process Management Model, PM Executive Solutions can help your business optimize your performance and achieve elite status in your field or industry.

Our Vision

Offering TOTAL (Well)CARE Business and People services ( our Business Model ) to our valuable customers.

Why We Exist

Process Management Executive Solutions is here to help businesses deliver game changing performance—but our goal is helping our clients achieve and sustain true customer loyalty.

That’s what customers want—confidence that they can count on a business to deliver excellence time and again without surprises.

We help our clients discover these undetected issues to create a Performance-Proven plan to put them on the path to achieve world-class excellence.

Our Mission

Targeting the route to Excellence.

Our mission is discussed in detail in Peter Martens’ book, The Quest for Excellence.

What We Do

PM Executive Solutions uses its PM Cockpit Model (our Operating Model) to create a custom plan:

  • Business assessments
  • Performance checks of current activities and processes
  • Cultural change program
  • Quality, improvement, and lean methodologies
  • People evaluations
  • Organizational footprint

Added Value

In addition to our business services, we help you optimize your most valuable asset: people.

With our People services, we will:

  • Align people with the performance values
  • Evaluate your people for their competencies and skills
  • Create an organizational footprint that evolves with the steps to business excellence

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Who We Are

PM Executive Solutions is a nimble team assembled for each client by principals Peter Martens and Stefan Rautenhaus. Click each name for more information.

Our Cockpit Model

We liken our services to the ten screens in an A380 cockpit—all screens indicate separate aspects of the airplane, but all screens work together to keep the airplane in the air. Read more about the PM Executive Solutions Cockpit Model here.

Just a few of our current and past clients