our headquarters
The offices of PM Executive Solutions.

Process Management Executive Solutions, PMES, was founded in 2010 by Peter Martens, in reality more due to a necessity because of health problems, being forced to give another direction to a professional life.

Initially it started of as a one man/one service/one customer consultancy approach.

Meanwhile, seven years after the launch of the management book The Quest for Excellence┬áin Chicago in the United States, we’re still using the same recipe with success while coaching leaders and companies on their route to business excellence. It is refreshing to see that our PM model is even more accurate and actual today.

People and Business interactions are becoming even more critical!

We clearly notice that in all projects we execute today, the focus is equally balanced between people skills, behaviours, competencies and individual cultures and values on one hand and the business infrastructure, processes and company cultures and values on the other.

Therefore PM Executive Solutions constantly streamlined it’s services to reflect customer needs and meanwhile we offer a wide range of People WellCare as well as Business Care services.

And to ensure that these services are “fit for use” and of high quality, we work together with a highly motivated team of senior consultants with more then 25 to 30 years of experience in their field of knowledge gained in an intercultural environment. .

In this respect we also started of with headhunting and searching of talent services: PMeSeaRch, is specialised in the search and selection of Quality, Continuous Improvement and Change drivers. We have formed a partnership with Stefan Rautenhaus, and are working together with local consultants in the different countries where we have search assignments.