When a business faces a significant obstacle or the need for whole-business change, we can help. With our proven model and extensive experience in dealing with all types of business processes, PM Executive Solutions can provide services that get you the results you need. Click each focus area to learn more.

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Interim & Consultancy management

How We Work

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PMES likes challenging opportunities to help businesses to execute consultancy tasks or to fill in ad interim functions. Here we’re working together and partnering with very experienced freelance senior consultants.

All consultants we use are trained in our PMx model and we will always apply our pilot & pool out approach with regular follow up meetings.


Temporary replacements of Leadership, General Management and Managerial roles

Consultancy management

Specific consultancy tasks on business related topics

Implementation of specific Management Tools & Techniques

Issue & Crisis management


When issues arise, the focus can too often turn to external factors. However, looking inward is often the best path to a solution. PM Executive Solutions can help assess internal operational issues and find resolutions to even the most complicated crises.

PM Executive Solutions can help you implement the following solutions.

Interim replacements of general management roles

When a business faces a significant obstacle, it can help to have someone step in to manage the issue. With our extensive experience in dealing with all types of processes, PM Executive Solutions can help with the right skills to help you manage the issue.

Interim management of leadership roles

For changes that need to be made when there are significant risks, we can provide the right executive leader that will interact with the present business leadership team to discuss and resolve strategic business decisions..

Specific issue or crisis managerial tasks

With a focus on targeted output, we can organize and manage the tactical activities to deliver the agreed performance levels.

PM Executive Solutions would like to discuss thoughtful solutions to your most difficult issues. Contact us today.

Business Evaluations


Using the Process Management Model, a complete assessment of your business can be created. Delivering a complete performance check of your organization will help you define the critical next steps needed for a Performance-Proven transformation and set you on a step by step path to business excellence.

Business Development

Sometimes the pieces are all there—you just need help putting them all together. Effective management techniques can pull it all together. PM Executive Solutions offers extensive coaching for executives, management, and other key players in your company.

Coaching on Cultural Change programs

Understanding the existing culture and the impact it is having on how people work and think is critical to any business change. PM Executive Solutions can help you through the maze of cultural changes using proven methods.

Coaching on Company Business Transformation programs

Transforming a whole-business means staying motivated and focused on the change plans while the day-to-day business continues. PM Executive Solutions will keep the transformation on track utilizing a comprehensive framework and proven best practices to focus your transformation teams.

Personal coaching and mentoring of leaders and managers and individuals

Leading change can mean personal change. Helping leaders build the competency to manage change in the midst of change can make the difference in success or failure.

Guest speaker events on The Quest for Excellence

Motivation can be the catalyst for business change. Help your leaders and workforce envision world-class performance using the The Quest for Excellence to describe the future.

PM Executive Solutions would like to talk to you about how we can help you maximize your potential through more thoughtful and efficient management. Contact us today.

Business Training