PM Executive Solutions provides a comprehensive package of services designed to attract perfect additions to your team as well as draw out the talent you already have. Click each area of focus for details.

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Selection of Talented Quality (Q), Continuous Improvement (CI) and Change drivers

puzzle piece being set in placeBased on our years of experience on cultural change blueprints for companies and herewith the knowledge which competencies “Change Drivers” need to possess, we’re specialised in doing the selection for clients of these unique and critical professionals: these are mostly Change/Improvement/Q/QESH professionals, engineers, managers, and leaders or related functions. And we always apply a unique competency matrix for each job profile.


In the same spirit we’re doing the headhunting of business leaders responsible for implementing the necessary cultural changes and improvements to lift their organisations to the next levels of efficiency and effectiveness.

In this respect, PM Executive Solutions is also working together with other Selection and Headhunting firms to execute these screenings for them or in partnership with them.

Placement and Outsourcing of Q and CI Activities

PM Executive Solutions divides the core competencies of Q / CI / Change Leaders into 3 distinct categories to emphasise the critical importance of each of them.

Behaviour Competencies

In general the behaviour competencies are going back to the generic skills of an individual, like communication or listening skills. Some specific skills will be added based on the company cultures & values

Technical Competencies

These competencies reflect all Quality, improvement or Change activities that should take place in an organisation, not only looking to product / service quality but also organisational and business quality in a broader perspective

Business Competencies

We have to differentiate here between business acumen skills, needed to understand how a business works, and business change skills, which are vitally important to be able to play the role of a change driver.

Valuable Partnership

Information about PMSeaRch
PMSeaRch brings years of experience to the search and placement process. Click for larger view.


For the past several years, PM Executive Solutions has partnered with Stefan Rautenhaus to provide exceptional talent selection services to its clients. Read more about Mr. Rautenhaus here.

People Assessments

PM Executive Solutions offers full evaluations of a client’s strengths and areas of improvement based on the following criteria:

  • Analytical skills
  • Personality tests
  • Behaviour Competencies
  • Motivational Assessment
  • Technical On-the-job Competencies
  • Business acumen Competencies
  • Business feeling
  • Management capabilities
  • Leadership capabilities

How We Work

People Scan

We first look to the personalities of the individual and see if there’s a positive mindset. A motivational test will also be done to discover how the person stays in life and feels about work, especially the values and norm that are followed in this respect. A second opinion personality test will be done in case of question marks. Behaviour competencies will be explored and certainly the non-competencies.

Business Scan

Feeling and acumen of business and excellence topics will be verified and the fit to existing business cultures. And, if required, leadership skills.

People Coaching and Development

PM Executive Solutions provides professional development services:

  • Personal Coaching & Mentoring
  • Individual Professional Career Development

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Coaching topics

I don’t know myself very well and want to
understand what I really want

I’m not satisfied anymore in my job,
how can I get more out of it?

I want to further develop

Life/work balance not good

Burn out/bore out

People Training
modern business building

PM Executive Solutions also offers training tailored to each level of your business heirarchy:

  • Individual Training
  • First Line Management Training
  • Management Training
  • Executive Training

For more about our Talent Selection process and team, click here.