No more surprises! Every business has them and they impact cost, quality and customer satisfaction. The Quest for Excellence: Exceptional Performance Using Real Process Thinking takes you step by step to help you analyze and understand your business. Built around the ‘Excellence Segments’ the book gives you the ability to measure your whole business and understand why there are failures that can send the biggest companies into a tailspin.

Each segment in the model specifically provides the right data at the right time to make informed management decisions. Informed decisions means you aren’t left wondering “what happened?”. This proven method lets you manage proactive choices versus calling together another issue management team.

What experts are saying about The Quest for Excellence

“…spot on … It’s great.”

—Stefan Rautenhaus, Quality, Enrichment Technology, Germany

“This business knowledge needs to be shared with other business leaders…”

—Jean-Paul Teyssen, CEO of Carglass Belux, Belgium

“Peter is a rare character to find in the field of Quality and Business Improvement…his results-focused approach drives real improvements in operational performance.”

—Bill Black, Group EVP Quality and Operational Excellence, ABB Management Services, Ltd., Switzerland

“The PM Model is the most integrated and complete approach in which process management, leadership, people, information structure, strategy, and the basics are linked to each other in a very practical way.”

—Janine Tummers, Director of Change Office, Fokker Technologies, The Netherlands

“The PM Model really offers a pragmatic step-by-step footprint by which the ambition to reach excellence really can be achieved.”

—Steven Soederhuizen, Vice President of Supply Chain Management and Operations, Fokker Technologies, The Netherlands

“Exceptional results, exceptionally fast and … last but not least with an exceptional person and professional. Follow Peter and you will learn what you need to do in your search of excellence. The rest is up to you…”

—Jean-Maurice Imbert, Vice President and General Manager, Applied Materials, Switzerland

How to order The Quest for Excellence

The Quest for Excellence was released in July 2011. If you would like to order a book, please Contact PM Executive Solutions and we will reserve and provide you with a copy.

The Quest for Excellence book cover

The Quest for Excellence Book Release Event

Peter Martens and his family traveled to Chicago to release his book to a live audience, both in person and via WebEx and conference call to viewers and listeners around the world. Click below to view the book release interview, recorded on July 15, 2011 in Evanston, Illinois.